This project highlights the way of life on the islands to indicate the different trends that the Faa-Samoa ( Samoan Way of Life ) has encountered since we became a U.S. Territory.  The Pictorial Atlas will be comprehensive enough to include a description of the origin of each village, the historical sites-if any, and significant stories from the elders on any historical event that had a major impact on American Samoa’s development as a government. Currently, this project is in its final stages of review and will be published soon. Please stay tuned.


We The People Project – “Pictorial Atlas” — 2 Comments

  1. Is this program still ongoing and can there be more details pertaining to specifics of this program provided on the website.

    • We are finishing this project and it should be available for anyone to purchase at minimal cost. The stories of 11 villages are told in this book with lots of pictures. The stories covers the origin of the village name, the historical sites found in the village, the people and way of life, natural resources surrounding the villages and how they use the resources and environment to sustain their daily lives, any major changes through time on the villages, etc.

      Thank you for your inquiries.

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