One of the Council’s work objectives is to support educational programs through developing literature and promoting literacy at all grade levels.  The reading books for the children in elementary grades are written in the Samoan language and are illustrated in color.  The Council was able to publish three reading books.  The books are used in the classroom as a reading resource in the Samoan language.

O Le Mumua Laau
Author: Carmen Scanlan – Toti

Description: “O le Mumua Laau” the wooden dolphin illustrates the love between a young girl name Vai and her Aunty Fiailoa who was a carver. Schools of mumuas are a regular site along the coast of American Samoa through the years. Reading this book can be a starter for the folktale on the Mumua. “O le Mumua Laau” was written by Carmen Scanlan-Toti and illustrations were by Patrick Mafoe. This project was funded by the National Endowment for the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council, and locally sponsored by McDonald’s of American Samoa. The production team for this book was Tialuga Seloti, Aeo’ainuu Aleki, and Regina Meredith-Malala. Price: $2.00 (Shipping and handling not included)


Author: Apo Sappa-Filiga

“Fefe I Pili” is an amusing book about a young girl name Nofo and her fear of lizards. The book leads us into a beautiful day at the beach with Nofo and her family. Readers will be anxious to find out what will happen to this young girl and how she overcomes her fear of lizards. This book was written by Apo Sappa-Filiga, and the illustrations were prepared by Tile Tuala-Tamaalelagi. Price: $2.00 (Shipping and handling not included)

Author: Ofeira Usoalii-Nuusolia

“Fiafia! Ua Taunu’u Le Manu’atele” was written by Ofeira Usoalii-Nuusolia and illustrated by Dennis Ahoia. The story took place in Sili, Manu’a, depicting the way of life in Manu’a fifty years ago. An excellent recollection of the excitement that the arrival of the Manu’atele brought to the people of Manu’a. After reading this book to your children or grandchildren, you can begin to share stories from your childhood for their enjoyment. It would be just like “Fagogo” time in those days!! Price: $2.00 (Shipping and handling not included)


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