Resource Center Grant is a quick response grant that is available for small group discussion projects featuring scholars from the ASHC’s Speakers Bureau, or a book-discussion program.

Interested applicants for the Book Discussion Program may target a book, a chapter of a book or pages of a book for discussion. A knowledgeable person on the topic of the selected material must be the discussion leader. Grant funds should cover honorarium and travel, equipment rental, and publicity. A maximum fund available for each Resource Center Project is $500.00.

Any eligible non-profit organization may request for up to two speaker’s bureau programs per fiscal year.

A letter addressed to the ASHC Chairman or the Executive Director and submitted to the ASHC Office on any regular working day is your application. The application will be acted upon by the Council Chairman and the Executive Director.

A brief narrative and a financial report must be submitted within 45 calendar days from the completion date of the project.     

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