Proposals for Development and Planning Grant of up to $500.00 may be awarded to inexperienced applicants for program planning and grant writing assistance.  This grant is intended for small groups with limited staff or rural organizations where access to humanities scholars are limited.

The award pays for the services of a consultant to visit the organization where access to humanities scholars is limited.  The consultant will assist with the discussion of the project ideas, and provide assistance in the proposal writing process. ASHC staff will help locate a qualified consultant if requested. ASHC will also conduct grant-writing workshops upon request from interested organizations. Please contact our office to request a grant – writing workshop.

Request for a Development & Planning Grant maybe submitted at any time. A letter addressed to the ASHC Chairman and submitted to the ASHC Office at any regular working day is your application. The application will be acted upon by the ASHC Chairman and Executive Director. A brief narrative and a financial report must be submitted within 45 calendar days from the completion date of the project.


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