Amerika Samoa Humanities Council (ASHC) supports the humanities through a competitive re-grant process. Applicants may select from one of the following grant program;
1)Mini Grant Program,
2)Major Grant Program,
3)Development and Planning Grant,
4)Resource Center Grant.
The Program Guideline will assist you with additional information.

Non-profit organizations are eligible to apply. You need not be a 501C(3) non-profit to apply, however, a bank account with your organizations name is required. Individuals are not eligible for ASHC grants. The community is encouraged to foster innovative and creative projects. Make learning a lifetime endeavor that will guide us to a prosperous and thriving community.

These grant programs must always show support of ASHC’s Mission, which is “To promote understanding and appreciation of the humanities in American Samoa so that our people can live in peace and harmony”. Program design should also focus on the program theme for each year.  Projects, which further this mission, may be structured in a variety of ways: conferences, lectures, group discussions, field trips, book discussions, exhibitions, modest publications, and interpretation of performances. Support is also available for projects that may not have a direct public concentration, but which can demonstrate an obvious benefit for the people of American Samoa. For example, oral histories, teacher seminars, and in service programs.

Theme for Program Year:



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